Miss you

Hi everyone,

This is so hard to take. I’ll just do the best I can.Back view of The Barn at duskBarnfall 083Brook at Boyds MillDSCN9618IMAG0631View from my cabinBarnfall 080

11 comments on “Miss you

  1. Off and away he’s gone,
    Hither & [yawn], before dawn,
    To the airport – what a sport!
    His duffel & mind tightly packed
    With socks & shirts, wisdom & tact,
    There he goes
    To share what he knows
    Of weaving words, rhyming schemes,
    Conjuring verses, & spinning dreams.
    Our friend knows the art of the poem;
    Blessed we are that we know him.

    • My dear Cheryl, you do me much honor. I just got here. Haven’t unpacked yet but of course the first thing I did was open my laptop. What a good poem! And even better, it’s about me! Hooray! Love

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