Had some company

Hi everyone,

Had some awesomesauce friends over yesterday. Thanks to mama Michele Heinrichs, who drove eight hours roundtrip, Ryan and Sarah brightened my day. AND they brought me chocolate chip cookies! What gets better than that? Can’t think of anything!20160823_124216_resized20160823_151534_resized
We had another good workshop day yesterday and wind up this morning. As always, I’m taking home more than I brought with me — all these good memories of friends old and new. Thanks to everyone who once again pitched in to make it a successful workshop.20160823_122108_resized


2 comments on “Had some company

  1. I always say–just about anyone who writes a book usually has a daily pleasant surprise connected with authorship. There are rewards far more than the usually very modest royalties. You keep on having yours David—you are a prince in the children’s book world, and deserve each kudo and cookie.

    • Hi Bill! Thanks for leaving a note today and for your kind words. I don’t know about the kudos, but I sure love the cookies. I look forward to the next time you’re in Springfield.

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