Now for the other clothes I brought

Hi everyone,
David speaking, 1-16-14
We finished up the workshop yesterday at noon. I’ll know more about how it went when I see the surveys from those who attended. My sense is that it went well but the final judgment is not mine to make. There were many good poems written and that’s always a positive sign. My thanks to Jo Lloyd and George Brown for their support and strong efforts to be sure that everything went off as planned. And of course I’ll long remember Allison and Amanda for all the wonderful food!

I left by car at 1:00 for New York and Sandy left by plane yesterday morning at 7:35. By the time I arrived at the Manhattan Club, she was already here. Last night we saw American in Paris, which we enjoyed. My first editor meeting is this morning at 9:00 EST so I need to get ready. It should be a good day. Don’t know our plans for tonight yet but we’ll do something fun.



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