The trouble with small towns

Hi everyone,

Last night Sandy and I saw the play, THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME. As we were arriving on the sidewalk out front we spotted Rosi Hollinbeck standing in line with her lovely and multi-talented daughter. Rosi participated in my workshop in Honesdale and then on
Wednesday afternoon we rode together into New York City. She lives in California but was in town to visit her daughter.

This is the third time on my trips to NYC that I’ve bumped into someone I knew. The first time I met a writer from my staff when we lived in Kansas City while attending the same play. The second time was meeting an elementary school principal from Springfield while she was waiting to attend a play. And now Rosi.

I like New York but it’s just a little too small.


6 comments on “The trouble with small towns

  1. Funny and great Karma, David. I hope to bump into you in Honesdale next time!!! But NYC is a good second choice. How was the play?

  2. I had said to my daughter in the afternoon, “Maybe we will run into David Harrison tonight. I know he and his wife are going to the theatre.” What a wonderful surprise. The play was AMAZING!! Good travels home, David.

    • It’s always a pleasant shock to be looking at someone you know when you’re away from home. I forgot that there was a fourth encounter in New York with someone I knew. Sandy reminded me.

  3. Hi David, I had to chuckle at your post today. It is an ironic phenomenon to stumble into friends and acquaintances in big cities like NYC. I can so relate to it. After living all of our lives on an island in the Pacific, in a small community and then move to Las Vegas, my mind is constantly blown away when I realize the bliss of anonymity is shattered upon random meetings with familiar faces–both old and new. Causes one to pause and ponder the secret powers of Fate.

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