Just another New York moment

Hi everyone,

Saw Fiddler on the Roof last night and loved it all over again. Tonight it’s a toss up between Cats and taking a harbor cruise. We went to the Whitney Museum yesterday. Liked some of it but our taste in art runs more to the traditional. Glad we went though. A Vanderbilt started it, which I didn’t know.

I just remembered a fourth time when we bumped into someone we knew here. My silliest New York story happened years ago when Sandy and I were seated at a sidewalk café here on this corner. 20160825_183149_resized_1 The tables are gone now but we enjoyed eating there and watching people go by. At our backs was a rather tall apartment building. This one. 20160825_183158_resized_1 Halfway through our meal an object was thrown or fell from a window in one of the apartment units above us and hit the umbrella beside us with a startling sound. Luckily that table was empty. The object knocked the umbrella askew and landed with a rubbery thud on the concrete.

When the waitresses realized what it was, they giggled, threw a napkin over it, and rushed off carrying it to the kitchen. Sandy and I looked around at all the other tables and not a single person was paying attention or acting like what we had just witnessed was out of the ordinary. Just another New York moment.

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