Home again

Hi everyone,

It’s always good to be home. Yesterday we packed, left our bags in storage at the hotel, had breakfast at the Stage Door Deli, walked to Central Park, and relaxed on a bench for a while. 20160828_113944_resized Then we were on our way home. Walked through the door at 7:45 last night.

It was a good trip. The workshop went well and we kept busy in NYC taking in the sights. My day with editors was productive and, as always, invigorating. I came home with a head full of ideas and can’t wait to get started. I probably won’t return to New York until next fall but return I will.

And so here I am, back at the keyboard in my office. I managed to get five poems roughed in during the flights yesterday so I may go back to them today to see if any are worth finishing. First I’ll clean up the e-mails that came in faster than I could read, respond to, and clear. It’s going to be a busy morning. Can’t wait!



2 comments on “Home again

  1. Welcome home! The old adage–there is no place like home–is always so true. No matter where I may go and with whom I find bliss while I’m gone, home is always so welcoming. I bet you feel the same. A word of caution–ease back into the swing of things so as not to get overwhelmed. Looking forward to the wonderful pieces that will emerge as a result of your NYC trip.

    • Yes, Dorothy was definitely right, Beverly. There is no place like home! I have my list of honey-do jobs so I’m taking them one at a time. Well, more like five at a time. But I’m going SLOWLY! (:>

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