Enough work to last a while

Hi everyone,
David on rock 5
Back to work and enjoying it. Today I’ll focus on a new idea I started developing shortly before I left for Pennsylvania. One of the editors I talked to in New York expressed an interest in seeing samples. I have about two weeks before Mary Jo Fresch and I will tackle the educational book with Scholastic so there’s just enough time to bring the new idea along to a point where I can submit something. Funny how these things work out most of the time. As a result of the trip I have a list of eight ideas I’ll try over the coming months, or years, depending on what else comes along. It includes three nonfiction picture books, two poetry picture books, and three novels. That’s in addition to five books under contract and nine others that I’m currently working on or sending around. I think I have enough work to last a while.

Speaking of novels, my first one, with a rainforest setting, is finished and I’m looking for readers who live or have lived in that part of the world who can verify that I have my facts straight. My daughter-in-law Jennifer Harrison is helping me. Thank you, Jennifer! She has located a woman who now lives in Spain but speaks no English. Jennifer has offered to translate if I want to send a few basic questions. She also found a man in Columbia who knows the area and is willing to read the whole story when he has time. There may be another contact or two.

So off we go. Thanks for coming by.



4 comments on “Enough work to last a while

  1. Wow! You sure have a lot of projects to keep you busy. How do you keep track of each project? Do you work on them all simultaneously?

    • My secret is that I put in the time. My various projects bubble to the top as they’re ready but in the meantime I putter away at this or that until something else comes along.

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