It’s Papa/Son time

Hi everyone,
Jeff, David, Alaska, 2008
Jeff and I are planning to go somewhere together for a few days sometime in the near future. We could use some ideas. What would you suggest? Don’t forget he’s pretty old so he might not be up for mountain climbing or shooting rapids. I try to be gentle with him.



8 comments on “It’s Papa/Son time

  1. Hi David
    This is a gorgeous time to visit California. Yosemite will start to be crispy and twiilight in Yosemite Valley is nothing short of spectacular.
    The crowds should have thinned out and places like Tonaya lodge on the southern entrance may have rooms.
    Wine tasting in Napa ir Sonoma is lovely and the smell if the crush perfumes the air in September.
    Then there is Monterey and Carmel wirh whale watching and if you like golf, Spyglass or Pebble Beach are there, though they are very expensive. You have to be careful that you dont clobber a deer on the course! Carmel is a nice town to walk around in.
    Asilomar is a fantastic and reasonable place to stay. The ocean walks are gorgeous. The woman who designed Hearst castle designed this more rustic place on prime oceanfront real estate. You can buy a pkg with meals and have them in the dining hall. The food isn’t bad, though nothing special.

    Side note
    If you ever want to come to Northern Ca SCBWI at Asilomar snd give a presentation or keynote, let me know as i can talk to the RAs that run the program

    • Good morning, Elizabeth, and many thanks for your ideas! I’ve been to California on several occasions and always enjoy it. I love San Francisco but don’t dare go there or to Napa when my wife isn’t along! But I think Jeff and I could find lots to do in that fair state and I’ll definitely put it on the short list.

      I’m leading a poetry workshop at Asilomar in 2017 and look forward to returning there. But I would be open to discussing a keynote for SCBWI if anyone would like to discuss it.

      Thanks again!

  2. I know you like your swans and turtles. One of our favorite vacations is volunteering at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah (3 hour drive from Las Vegas). You can spend the day helping in Parrot Garden or Cat World with no heavy lifting or hiking! In Sept it’s still plenty hot and since the dog walking is essentially in sand it can be more strenuous. But puppy training is indoors in the a/c. Kanab is within an hours drive to Bryce and Zion National parks so you can enjoy those as well.

  3. We always like to spend time in one of our national or state parks. I like being out in nature and simply roaming around at our pace and soaking up the beauty that surrounds you. It makes me feel like John Muir. If you’ve seen all the state parks in Missouri then what about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. There website promises several hiking trails. You could check them out for the hiking intensity. Staying in a cabin and taking part of ranger-led activities could be an alternative. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is on my leap list.

    • Beverly, my wife and I keep talking about taking more trips to visit national parks. We both love that kind of trip. Jeff and I haven’t talked about it but I’ll gladly add this one to the list. Thanks!

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