I’ll show you a spider

Hi everyone,

I hadn’t unpacked everything from the poetry workshop so when I threw clothes into my bag for this trip I wound up bringing one of the shirts I wore at The Barn. I’ve said this before, there is magic in that place. I no sooner buttoned up than I had an overwhelming urge to write a couplet.

Got home again but couldn’t stay.
My M.O.W. prefers this way.

My advice to those of you who joined me this year: don’t wash your shirts!

I’ve posted some spider pictures lately and have noticed a sharp drop in viewership when you squeamish ones don’t want to look. Well those weren’t spiders. THIS is a spider.



14 comments on “I’ll show you a spider

  1. I’m lost in a whirlwind of security webs and can’t get onto my own blog! Of course it’s all Don’s fault. The poor man says: “everybody needs to complain sometimes” and patiently scratches my back so I can fall asleep at 4AM. (HO-HUM LOVE)

    • To me that is a compliment, Taryn. White is one of my most important models, especially for his mastery of applying the English language to tell a story. There have been few like him

  2. I completely agree. Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book by him. I have no idea how many times as a child I read that book and it’s still a favorite!

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