A good day

Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning I finished a book proposal and sent it on its way. In the afternoon I completed and sent a second. A few minutes after that I sold a new poetry collection based on an introduction, four sample poems, and some back matter. It came as a result of my visit to New York last week.
This morning I’m tackling two batches of letters from kids (2nd and 4th grades) that ask me questions about NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. I’ll have fun responding to them. At noon it’s my Wednesday back office session at Gamble’s followed by a standing 1:00 with the dean of education and child development at Drury. Tonight we get with friends.

This week? So far so good!



10 comments on “A good day

    • Thank you, Mary Nida. I was so pleased that I couldn’t sleep last night. I’ll probably nod off at the keyboard today, but it’s worth it.

    • Good morning, my friend. Thank you. Sometimes when you peck away long enough you do come up with some good luck. You would certainly know all about being a hard working writer!

  1. Congratulations! Looking at what you’ve done since you got back from NYC, all I can say is “Wow!” You definitely are an inspiration.

    • Well thank you! Maybe it’s just the time of year. Bears are fattening up for winter and writers are running to get enough projects to tide them over?

  2. Also editors are back from vacations and ready to actually read what has accumulated on their desks. This past week and this, I sold/placed three adult poems and a collection of adult fantasy stories and have three picture books about to go to committees. Yeah–things are moving again. Unlike most normal folks, I HATE summers. (In some ways.)

    • Yes! The editors are back! Don’t know how long the window will stay open, but now is a good time to be getting our stuff out there. Congratulations, Jane. That’s quite a string of successes you’re putting together!

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