Good a day as any

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
I think I’ll start work today on a new middle grade novel. I have some other work that needs doing so I won’t spend the whole day on the long story, but I’m eager to write some tentative opening lines to get the sense of it inside me. Then I’ll have something I can carry around in my head when I’m running errands or doing other things.

This will be my second story for middle grade readers. The first one, set in the Amazon rainforest, is now with three Peruvian readers who have agreed to check it for accuracy of place. My thanks to daughter-in-law Jennifer Jackson and friend Susan Hutchens for finding the readers. I’m eager to get the feedback.

Yesterday I submitted a new collections of poems. Today I have one going to committee so my fingers are crossed for that. Next week I have a phone visit with an editor who wasn’t available when I was in New York so I look forward to that.

Onward and upward everyone!



2 comments on “Good a day as any

    • Hey Bill! Thanks for coming by this morning. I hope all is good with you. I’m setting this one in the Sonoran Desert, my old stomping grounds as a kid. It’s hot, but it’s a dry heat you know. (:>

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