Wrapping up the week

Hi everyone,
Quiet weekend around Goose Lake. I spent most of Saturday writing. Received a note from George Brown at Highlights Foundation telling me that the poets who joined me for the workshop wrote nice things about the experience. That’s always good to know! Had fun eating with Robin and family last night and then called it a day.
Today I’m at the mercy of my M.O.W. If it’s a pretty day I’ll wind up spraying for weeds and scale before she’ll let me get in the pool. She’ll probably also force me to make screwdrivers or some such. I hate it when she makes me do things like that.
Good week coming up that includes a phone chat with an editor I haven’t met, a meeting with Family Voices, and an event where I’ll meet the new president of Drury. Plenty of work time along the way. Also, I hope that Jeff and I will decide when and where we’re going for our papa/son outing. We’ve narrowed it down to Oregon, Arizona, or Missouri.

The pictures? I just like them.


4 comments on “Wrapping up the week

  1. A lovely guest room awaits you and Jeff if you choose AZ. I HOPE. BTW — my youngest granddaughter, McClain, who is blind is competing in Rio in the Paralympics. Swimming. You can see her on NBC Sports channel.

    Patricia Hermes


    • Good morning, dear heart! You’ve been on my mind so I’m delighted to hear from you! You must be SO proud of your granddaughter. What an incredible feat. I wish her the best and hope to get a glimpse of her. And thank you for the warm invitation. I’ll keep you posted about our final plan! With love

    • How lovely to see a note from you, dear Patricia Hermes – and let me echo our swell buddy, David & say how thrilled + proud you must be of your granddaughter. I’ll be watching for her! David, what are you & Jeff most looking for, hoping to experience on your journey?

      • Mainly it’s an opportunity to spend some time together. We don’t have a lot of those with some many miles separating us. If we go to Arizona, I’ll mix in some research for a story; if Oregon, there are several places/activities on the list; if Missouri, again there are several things we might go see or do.

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