Poetry for the Fun of It

Hi everyone,

I just head from Dr. Sam Bommarito, Reading Specialist/Staff Developer (retired), and new Co-Editor- Missouri Reader, that my recent article in Missouri Reader is now available live https://joom.ag/SMZQ . I’ve happy to hear it and hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

Today is Day 2 at the current poetry workshop at The Barn near Honesdale. Good thoughts are going out to its leaders (Rebecca Dotlich and Georgia Heard) as well as to the poets who are this minute enjoying the opportunity to work and play together as they hone their poetic skills.

Last night Sandy and I attended a most thought provoking discussion/debate at Drury University by Carl Bernstein and PJ O’Rourke who addressed the issues of the current presidential candidates with plenty of historical overview about what has led to the prevailing political environment and widespread hostilities toward it. We were glad to be invited.

2 comments on “Poetry for the Fun of It

  1. Now I’d have like to hear that discussion, David, between such longtime journalist/observers. As to Carl Bernstein, let me recommend his book, Woman in Charge, his bio of Hillary Clinton.

    • He quoted from the book a few times last night though primarily from the concluding section, which was probably less complimentary that some of the other parts. O’Rourke was a stitch. You can agree with him or not, but he’s a true wit.

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