Is it me or is it me?


Hi everyone,
I’ve been listening to my voice lately and being bored by it. I’m in a rut of doing what I like to do, which can’t be of interest to many others. And posting pictures of spiders, which give many of you the willies. I’m having a fine time but it’s all about me. I suppose the nature of a blog is to talk about one’s self, but enough already. I think I need to take a few days off. Maybe give you a rest from my dronings about myself. This doesn’t fall under goo foffing. It’s more like an imposed time out to sit in the corner and promise myself that I can do better.

I’ll come back before long and let’s hope I’ll be more interesting when I do. If there’s anything you’d like to hear from me other than about me, let me know. I’ll also do my best to leave spider pictures alone for a while although to tell the truth I’ve taken some good ones lately.


8 comments on “Is it me or is it me?

  1. Another vote for spiders, in their proper places, such as NOT in my bathtub. And a sincere vote for you + whatsoever you feel like typing here, m’dear. As for mosquitoes, they can all DIE or buzz their tiny butts back into Pandora’s box o’ horrors.

    • Two for spiders. Wow! On behalf of my back yard spider zoo, I thank you. And may the mosquitoes perish as they should and as quickly as possibly.

  2. Have fun and enjoy your respite. Actually the spider focus is at the right time–Halloween approaching. Good mental fodder for poetry theme. By the way, I’m glad I discovered your blog. It’s rekindled my interest in poetry. I want to explore the different type (forms) of poems.

    • Thanks! And as for spiders, maybe I should make them the Word of the Month challenge for October! If you scroll down my previous subjects to “Poetry Tips,” you’ll find a number of posts about poetic forms and techniques. Hope you find some of them interesting.

  3. You’re being more than usually silly. Blogs ARE about what interests the blogger. If some of your readers get the willies about spiders, they are allowe d to go read the presidential blogs. And REALLY get willified. Keep rioting. I love it. (The word rioting was inserted by my bossy autocorrect. I wrote ‘writing ‘. But I like the idea of rioting, don’t you?) XO

    • And there’s Pat!! With sage advice as always. I think I like rioting even better than writing so maybe that’s what’s been missing lately. I’ll give this some deep and serious thought! XO

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