Back in the day

Hi everyone,

I just found a marketing flyer from my block company days that shows our 12-person sales staff. It has been eight years since I sold the company so I’ve only seen a few of these guys since then. Their faces bring back good memories.cci09182016_00000 Have I ever shown you Glenstone Block Company? This is a poor picture taken through glass of a mounted photograph. You can see my image lurking in the background like Marley visiting Scrooge. Or maybe it’s just my ghost overlooking my old haunting grounds.20160918_152339_resized
This was our main location at 928 S. Glenstone in Springfield. We had another manufacturing plant in Branson and six hardware stores located in four communities.


5 comments on “Back in the day

    • It wasn’t what I had aspired to do, Cheryl. I came from Hallmark as its editorial manager so I was accustomed to managing, but manufacturing and selling concrete blocks plus thousands of other products was a new challenge. For thirty-five years I wrote what I could before getting dressed and going to my office. Sometimes I would write for a while when I got home or in the evening, but like anyone else who goes to work outside the home, my mind was often focused on company issues. I had two unions and did all my own negotiations. We never had a grievance. Glenstone Block Company received an award for the way employees were treated and how they prospered. We helped pay for education and several people took advantage of that opportunity over the years to go back to school.

  1. well, that’s why I asked, knowing that it wasn’t the enterprise you’d had in mind for yourself. conjures novelistic notions: fish out of water. that fish’s wife, leaving KC for S’field, troubled maybe for herself & her dutiful finny hubby torn from his genuine work. new coworkers, maybe a mentor &/or employees who mustn’t realize at first, how little the new boss knows. etc. etc.

    • Well I couldn’t drive a truck or operate a fork lift or turn on the machinery in the block plant, so it didn’t take folks long to know that the boss’s son had a lot to learn. To make matters more interesting, my dad put me in charge of the block plant. When he had a heart attack nine weeks after I came, I had to take full leadership of the company and that’s what I did from 1973 to 2008. Sandy left a job she loved in Kansas City so let’s just say that I slept on my side of the bed for a looooong time.

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