Big show coming to a theater near you

Hi everyone,

Fall musings from Goose Lake.

Running out of barefoot days,
hibiscus days,
bee humming days.
Grass is tired of growing.

Trees look weary, ready to start
curling leaves, shrugging them off
like paper planes.
Some trees though,
traditionalists that put on
one last brilliant performance,
are already in rehearsals.

I’ll sit in the front row,
shoes on,
and applaud the splendor.

~~ David L. Harrison


6 comments on “Big show coming to a theater near you

  1. “Running out of barefoot days”, “shrugging them off like paper planes”.
    What beautiful images, David. Enjoy the show!
    I love AWEtumn.

  2. Every Year Applause

    “Grass is tired of growing.”–David Harris

    The grass sulks in its concrete shoes.
    Geese in their alphabets fly south.
    Busy squirrels bury nuts, berries, pebbles,
    anything to bulk up their larders.
    Bears leave no forwarding address.
    And even I, forgetting heart pain
    at another lone year, look forward
    to the chorus of drifting leaves
    the colors of a child’s paint box
    as they take their bows
    in this mummery. I applaud.
    Every year. Every year,
    An audience of one,
    I take my programme,
    drift home myself,
    to wait for winter’s final act.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

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