The Awesomesauce Nine

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I got a look at A TREASURY OF MEMORIES, POEMS BY THE AWESOMESAUCE NINE. It’s a handsome booklet being prepared to distribute to the poets who joined me at The Barn this year and I’m impressed by it. It’s a private collection so if you want to see the work of any of these poets, you’ll need to get in touch with them and beg for a look!

As soon as it’s officially available, I’ll show you the cover and maybe a teaser poem or two, with permission of course. It will be great fun to put these in the hands of the creative and talented people who participated. My thanks to one and all. Some of these poets traveled across the country to spend time together and work on new ways to develop their skills.

I reminded them at our first meeting the Olympics show us that sometimes the difference between winning gold and finishing out of the winners’ circle can be measured in fractions of a second. I think it’s often the same way with writing. The difference between being published or rejected may be far smaller than one might imagine. To have tried at all should be a source of pride. The AWESOMESAUCE NINE have every right to look at their collective works with pleasure.

The contributing poets are:
Jeanne Poland
Charles Waters
Jim Wise
Lisa Wise
Susan Bickel
Rosi Hollinbeck
Juli Mayer
Thomas Ohl
Jesse Anna Bornemann

4 comments on “The Awesomesauce Nine

  1. David, thank you for this shout-out — and thanks again for your mentorship at The Barn! Your guidance was truly on fleek! (Am I using the lingo correctly? Hmmm.)

    • Hi Jesse. I just five minutes ago finished proofing the booklet, which goes to print tomorrow. And I’m honored that you found my leadership fleek!

    • Charles, it was my pleasure. Poetry brings people together in a special way and I love being part of it. Thank you for your kind words.

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