The warm up act

Hi everyone,

I like the fall show so far.
Yesterday each small puff of wind scattered crisp brown leaf-curls down from the trees. Each went to its end simply and peacefully, except for one, which refused to go gently into the night. Instead it caught a web and for the next ten minutes twirled and danced for us.

I’m sorry I can’t show you a better picture. All you can see is this tiny figure in the center of the shot, center stage if you want to think of it that way. At times it mimicked the flight of a butterfly. Once it came to rest on a rose bush below only to soar off on the next breath of a breeze.

We sat tableside and watched the entire opening act. We felt like applauding. But I wondered if somewhere in the leaves above us sat another spectator, one that must have been highly disgusted. I bet it held its applause until the leaf finally blew off to its rest and left the proprietor in peace to repair the damage.

The Warm Up Act

The end is near,
But not quite yet.
First check out
This pirouette,
This final dance
Before my time.

My limber moves
Are so sublime,
I’m cirque du soleil,
I’m Fred Astaire,
I’m Jack Be Nimble,
Light as air.

My act is up,
I have to go.
Sit back, folks,
Enjoy the show!

~~(c) by David L. Harrison


6 comments on “The warm up act

  1. I love this poem as much as I love this season. Thanks, David. It is so sweet. I’m going to give you a poem for this time of year in return. Enjoy!

    Indian Summer by Rosi Hollinbeck

    Sneaking in after crisp autumn nights,
    after leaves have turned gold,
    after harvest is done.
    Sneaking in before snow starts to fall,
    before ice coats the pond,
    before frost covers trees.
    Soft, warm days of Indian Summer
    tricking us to forget
    winter is sneaking in.

  2. Oh – I wish everyone could be in Colorado/Wyoming right now! Talk about fall!! (and you could add in the sound of the bull elk bugling!)

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