Sunday on Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Before the rain came in the afternoon, yesterday was a fine day to be outside. Breakfast lakeside, 20160925_123100_resizedplenty of activity around the lake, a dip in the pool. Though signs of fall abound, we still have a lot of color. 20160925_113401_resized
But it isn’t hard to find trees blemished by web worm nests like canker sores on the lip of fall. I don’t recall a worse year for them. Some trees in our neighborhood are covered.20160925_105028_resized
The caterpillars sometimes crawl across our driveway and up our garage doors. Keeps the spiders busy and, come spring, the bats and swifts will have a field day feasting on the small moths when they emerge.

The scales didn’t get sprayed as I’d promised to do. Numerous defiant weeds were spared though a few fell to my wife’s deft hands. A few pages got read. All in all a loafer’s kind of day on Goose Lake.

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