Writers at Work

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while since Sandy Asher and I posted a new WRITERS AT WORK series (meaning alternating essays each Tuesday for a month).sandy-asher david-publicity-photo We’ve been doing them now and then since September 2010 as a casual dialogue about various aspects of being a writer. This time we’ll be talking about the symbiotic relationship between authors and libraries (= librarians!). Sandy has already written her two pieces, which will be posted on November 1st and 15th. I’ll chime in on the 8th and 22nd. We haven’t talked yet about the 29th, but we’ll come up with something. If you are new to the idea or want a refresher, here’s the link to our collected series. http://usawrites4kids.blogspot.com


5 comments on “Writers at Work

  1. Oh, these months with 5 Tuesdays! How about a shout-out to our author/illustrator friends for short comments that help us celebrate libraries? The last Writers at Work entry could then be a pastiche of happy connections and recollections.

    • Thank you, Beverly,
      Sandy and I always have fun with these pieces. I won’t get to mine for a while yet but look forward to get started.

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