The power of a friendly wave

Hi everyone,

veda-boyd-jonesDid you spot Veda Boyd Jones’s essay yesterday on the merits of performing small acts of kindness? I thought it was terrific and vowed to do better. Here’s the link if you missed it. .Thanks, Veda. I’m waving at you. Heck, I’m throwing you kisses.


6 comments on “The power of a friendly wave

  1. I did read our friend Veda’s monthly essay & was so touched by it. Veda Boyd Jones is one of those practiced, diligent & observant people who makes wise writing look effortless. Her heartening essays are well worth the checking out – as are her novellas, pub’d by way of Kindle. The genre is ‘spiritual romance’ – not a literary territory I frequent, but for a far out example of how a pro creates believable characters, setting + moves a story right along, I’ll make an exception. This link will take you to her latest:

  2. We’d be the BEST as we two [or three, as D & I will let you into our play group] are not in comparison w/ one another but rather, being compared w/ all others who don’t get to be US.

  3. Here in the Rocky Mountains, everyone waves. The other day, I waved back at somebody in their truck, and Jim asked, “Who was that?”

    “I have no idea,” I answered.

    But our friend Veda is right; it gives us a private little chuckle as we wave at total strangers and they at us.

    In Arizona, however, one best duck for cover if someone is waving because likely they’re waving a gun. At least, that has been my experience. In San Diego, they’re usually just waving their middle finger at you for driving too slowly.

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