Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,
David as bookends IMAG2753
My thanks to all who posted such nice comments yesterday here and on Facebook. I loved reading them. Most of the day was taken with business matters but managed to get in a little work late in the afternoon. Today I’m set for several good hours.

Mary Jo Fresch and I have been eagerly waiting for word from our Scholastic editor and Maria came through yesterday with her thoughts to help us find our groove. We’ve already done a lot of work but now we can set out sights for a finish sometime between December and March. I’m ready!

Before I do anything else, though, I want to write my W.O.M. poem using the prompt word, EXERCISE. We already have some good ones posted and I don’t want to be the absent host. Watch for something before long.


2 comments on “Back in the wheel

  1. Something to Think About

    Woeful creakiness be unto thee – and me,
    If we do not bend & stretch & jump up & down;
    Fat & squashy & achey-breaky we know we’ll be.
    In our mirrors: Saps. On our faces: frowns.

    We’ll yell at ourselves when we went & blew it:
    Lifting forks + turning pages – you call that exercise?
    Then bakery perfume has us thinking, ‘Screw it!
    Will that heavenly pie speed the day of my demise?’

    Sooner or later, after your life’s curtains fell,
    And out at the boneyard, last words have been said,
    Just think on those, who ate little & exercised well,
    All resting beside you, just as dead.

    © Cheryl Harness

    • Ha ha, my witty friend! Thank you for presenting the contrarian point of view and giving me leave to head straight to the fridge. I know I saw a popsicle in there a while back.

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