How to tell a boy from a girl

Hi everyone,

An annual discussion around here.

(One of Us): “It’s time to close the pool. Every new gust blows a ton of leaves in and I’m tired of scooping them out.”

(The Other One): “It’s not that bad and I’m just not ready yet. Let’s wait another week or two.”

(One of Us, petulantly): “Well okay but I do NOT feel like scooping all those leaves. Look up? The trees are loaded. Let’s be logical about this.” (offers irrefutable proof that it’s simply too much to ask):

(The Other One sees it differently):
But One of Us had to hold the camera. Right?


4 comments on “How to tell a boy from a girl

  1. You could simply let ALL the leaves fall into the pool, which would a) allow “The Other One” to only scoop leaves out once, at the end of the season, thereby saving time; and b) using the pool would be just like jumping in a giant piles of leaves, only wetter – albeit slimier.

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