My Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Ahem. The word is EXERCISE.
I Need To

I need to get more exercise
I need to slim my thunder thighs
I need to make my belly flat
I need to lose a roll of fat
I need to fix my saggy butt
I need to tighten up my gut
I need to smooth my wrinkled neck
I need to exercise but heck
I need to be a better man
I need to start my day with bran
I need to learn to listen more
I need to sleep but never snore
I need to think before I speak
I need to turn the other cheek
I need to stop at fewer beers
I need to trim my hairy ears
I need to need to stop the talk
I need to need to walk the walk

~~ (c) David L. Harrison

12 comments on “My Word of the Month poem

  1. I need to put my coffee down…..

    Ha ha…love this. Nothing happens in the world of exercise until coffee has been consumed!

    • Thank you, Mary Nida. The high here today is to be upper 50s or lower 60s so that’s good walking weather. It’s even better napping weather!

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