Saluting the sunrise

Hi everyone,

Each morning this past week, when I’ve opened the front door at 7:00 to bring in the paper, I’ve checked the spider that has taken up residence high above my head at a corner of the overhang. I see it through the windows, too, as I move around inside the house. I haven’t spotted evidence that it has scored a meal, but it seems to have a writer’s patience and quiet hope that eventually it will. I’m judging that it must have had some recent encouragement because this morning it was hanging up there enjoying the sunrise. 20161006_070417_resized You may not be able to see it but I’m closer so I’ll tell you how charmed I was to see the tiny coffee cup it was holding and the dainty way it stirred in sugar. Quite a refined creature, it turns out, and I was at once reminded of one of her ancestors that made it big in a book some years ago. I paused long enough to nod, fetched the paper, and returned to my office. The spider is still there. I bet this is its big day.


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