New Password Literature

Hi everyone,

The copy of my book published in France arrived Saturday, which is the cause of this irritating bit of braggadocio. I’ll keep it brief but what the heck, it’s my blog. Patricia Hermes reminded me of that recently. Thanks Pat. I needed that.

So here’s the cover. new-password And on the inside the first thing I find is a list of authors selected to be featured in audios of their work. In order:
Simon Armitage recites his poem “You’re beautiful”
David Harrison’s poem “IT’S ME!”
William Carlos William’s poem “The Great Figure”
An extract from Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story
Shakespeare’s work — a BBC programme
George Orwell — a BBC rogramme
An interview of Isaac Asimov
An interview of American poet and novelist Maya Angelou — a BBC programme
An extract from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
A book review about D. L. Sayers’ crime novel The Documents in the Case
Edward P. Jones reads the beginning of his short story “The First Day”
Truman Capote reads an extract from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
British author Neil Gaiman talks about horror versus gothic

I haven’t received the recording yet but can’t wait to hear my Marilyn Monroe poem recited with a French accent!

“It’s Me” was first published in a book edited by Jan Greenberg called HEART TO HEART and published by Harry Abrams in 2001. I wrote the poem inspired by a Warhol painting of cows. When, at the last minute we discovered that the cow painting was unavailable but one of Marilyn Monroe was, I switched my subject to her. In 2012 the poem popped up in an Everyman Library edition titled ART AND ARTISTS, edited by Emily Fragos and published by Alfred Knopf. If the poem has appeared elsewhere, I’m unaware of it. I don’t know how it wound up in either of these other books. I know I’m glad.


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    • Yes, they contacted me, made their offer, and paid for the use. This one brought a fair market rate. The one in India paid a lot of rupees but they don’t amount to many bucks.

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