When you know it’s going to be a good day

Hi everyone,

I went out for the paper yesterday and looked up through the cherry tree. There above me was a Jackson Pollock painting with inspired splotches and streaks flung black on blue by some random brush. 20161012_070633_resized My spider up in the corner of my porch has disappeared so I had no one to talk to about my thoughts as I stooped for the paper and turned back to the house. Still, it made me wonder how many other marvels awaited when the day got under way.

The Painting

What brush paints these leaves just so,
limbs vulnerable in their nakedness?
I nod acknowledgment, head indoors.
Must see what important news
humans created overnight.

~~David L. Harrison

2 comments on “When you know it’s going to be a good day

  1. What a lovely image and poem, David. Thanks for this. I will be going to NYC early November to see Maggie in Richard III and also will have a visit with Charles Waters! How fun that will be. The Awesomesauce Nine continues. I sure had fun at your workshop.

    • Thank you, Rosi. I’m glad you like them. Another trip to NYC? What fun to see Maggie perform and, of course, to get in a visit with Charles. Awesomesauce Nine rocks!

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