This and that and a riddle

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received the contract on one of the books I’m working on so it will be nice to sign it and slip it into the mailbox today. This one was turned down some time ago but the situation changed so my editor was able to accept it after all.

I wrote two 650-word segments for next month’s WRITERS AT WORK episodes with Sandy Asher. The name of the series is “Loving Libraries.” These are the posting dates. November 1 (Sandy), 8 (David), 15 (Sandy), 22 (David). We’re in discussion now about how to make the most of that fifth Tuesday in November.

Kathy Temean announced on her site the winner of a free copy of NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T is Kristi Veitenheimer. Congratulations, Kristi. I’ll sign your book and mail it today.

Here’s a riddle for you. Our dehumidifier in the basement is working again. The garage door keypad is working again. The booster router is installed in the living room to make it easier to work on a laptop in the breakfast room. The answer? No, not James Bond. But close. imag0961


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