A special message

Dear Young Readers,
I doubt that you will see this post but I address it to you anyway. Nearly everyone who comes here is a parent, a grandparent, a librarian, a teacher, an illustrator, an editor, or a writer. There are a lot of us. I can tell you that thousands of people know about my blog.

Why do we do this? Naturally your family loves books and wants you to love them too. Librarians show you how to find good books. Teachers help you understand the joys of reading good books. Illustrators make wondrous pictures for you to love. Editors help writers make their writing the best it can be. And, of course, we writers write the books.

What brings us together here is our love for good literature and our passion for sharing that special feeling with you that can only come from a book. You may not know how many people are involved in making the books you like. You can learn about that later. For now I want to tell you how very important you are in our lives and that we think about you from the time we get up till we fall asleep at night.

You are children. We make books for children. We love you.



6 comments on “A special message

  1. My first teary eyes of the day! Thank you, David, for loving kids so much! (now I’m off to the Mountain Plains Library Association Conference – ’cause I love kids and books, too!) Happy Friday to you!

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