Reach Out and Read

Hi everyone,

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. Jesse Bornemann, one of the Awesomesauce Nine poets who joined me at The Barn in August, was telling me about a new partnership between Land’s End and Reach Out and Read, the national early literacy organization she works for, which is similar in many ways to Imagination Library. When children see their health provider for regular checkups, they receive a free book to take home. The program was founded in 1989 and is in all fifty states. Currently 4.7 million children per year are receiving books. Jesse noticed that Reach Out and Read website shows a picture of a book of mine and believes that I have others in the program. I’m delighted of course.
I’m grateful to Jesse for pointing this out to me!


8 comments on “Reach Out and Read

  1. Thank you for mentioning this on your blog, David! I was so pleased to see the photo. Of course, I bragged to my coworkers (and husband): “Hey! I’ve met that author!” It’s wonderful to be able to share your books with so many high-need young children (and with my own child, too!)

  2. Thanks Jesse and David for sharing this. I was about to order something from Land’s End today, as it turns out. So perfect timing! I’m going to pass this website on to a few people too.

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