Looking for adventure

Hi everyone,

Sometimes I wish I could shrink and go exploring through thickets and forests below my feet. For sure I would pause now and then to refresh myself on juicy red strawberries. I might have to carry a good stout twig to fend off beetles and the occasional centipede cruising along looking for trouble. I’m sure there would be many high adventures in low places awaiting me, if only I could shrink.



4 comments on “Looking for adventure

  1. I’ve always loved imagining how it would be to be small, like The Littles in the children’s books. Those strawberries would make a mighty fine feast!

  2. I remember many years ago, I wished I had shrinking power to enter a hole up in a tree near the deck. When I photograph an ant carrying away a large kernel of corn, I wanted to travel down into its home, to see what it did with it.

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