November Word of the Month word is . . .

Hi everyone,

October down, two to go. Let’s try something different this month. How about SOUL? I’ll be eager to see what our poets have to say when inspired by this word challenge.

In the personal department, I placed an article on Monday and got rejected on a nonfiction manuscript on Tuesday. However, the rejection came with a door slightly ajar if I want to rethink the approach and try again. I also got wonderful news from a generous donor who pledged $6,000 to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library fund so that was a true highlight.

I’m finalizing plans for an early February trip to Ajo, Arizona and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. That’s the setting for a story I’m working on and I need to be there and see it for myself so I can describe it more honestly.
In Ajo I hope to locate my old neighborhood, if it still exists, and visit where I started school. The building has been turned into art studios, I’m told, where artists rent former classrooms. I sent the principal of the “new” school a note to see if I might drop by to say hello. I hope she responds. And I want to see the old downtown where Rosemary Geiger and I used to go to the movies on Saturday. It will be a trip to remember and I’m already getting eager.

2 comments on “November Word of the Month word is . . .

  1. Soul v Sole v Sol

    Something deep inside,
    Something far down under,
    Something big and wide,
    Something we must ponder.

    All supporting life
    As we humans know it.
    Soul v Sole v sole–
    Want it in my obit.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • King Cole’s soul
      Was jolly so they say.
      The Grinch’s pinched soul
      Was the opposite.
      All of which shows,
      Or so the theory goes,
      It takes a big heart
      On top of it.

      (c) 2016 David L. Harrison

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