Hi everyone,

Couple of nights ago I set my live trap and baited it with some lunchmeat that had gone beyond its human consumption date. Next morning I had a young adult raccoon sitting in the trap calmly eating the last of the slices. I’m sure it’s one of two young ones that I photographed a few months ago sitting in my neighbor’s plum tree having a fine time with the ripe fruit.
I was going to drive out of town to release it but Sandy suggested calling Animal Control instead. I did and they came by right away to take care of the drive and release chore for me. I don’t know if the other sibling is still around but I’ll try my luck again over the weekend. You never know.


4 comments on “Raccooning

  1. Great that Animal Control took care of it for you. Raccoons make lots of messes. I haven’t seen one in a while, but guess they’re here! Love the picture!

    • They do make messes. The young ones are cute but I’m still happy to see this one taken to the woods somewhere. Now I’ll see if I can catch the sibling. Then I’ll be really happy!

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