The real world, day one

Hi everyone,
It was a long night and many are running low on fuel this morning. I’m glad it’s over. Hopefully, the mending will start and our nation will march on as it always does. I have no idea what the media will have to talk about or the papers to print or the local TV stations to air. I hope everyone made enough money to sail through the coming months. At the end, I seemed to know everything bad about the candidates, thanks to their opponents’ relentless thoughtfulness, but little about their agendas or how they could possibly achieve ten percent of what they promised. I’m glad we have people who want to serve in this capacity, but I could not long survive in their toxic atmosphere.

Back in my microcosmic world, I think I’ll work on a poem. It won’t be a lie and it won’t be idiocy. It won’t change the world or promise to. It’s just the best I can do.


14 comments on “The real world, day one

  1. I do not believe that our children should be exposed to the negativity and nastiness of political commercials. If only all the money spent on them could buy books for children.

  2. some words on this morning after the night before:

    ‘Tis no sin to want your side to win,
    But you’d be a dope to give up hope;
    So weep if you must. You’ll sleep, I trust,
    You’ll pray. You’ll have your say,
    And continue on life’s winding way.
    What the hell else is there to do?
    And I’m sure these words are true – I AM!
    But DAMN.

    © CH 2016

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