Goose Lake in late November

Hi everyone,

Last night’s freeze zapped most of the remaining geraniums. We brought two hibiscus plants inside so we still have blossoms from those as well as a few fading roses that we cut a few days ago.20161126_092832
Today the lake is covered by thick fog. Here’s a poem from my one and only e-book, GOOSE LAKE

Fog on the Water

This morning Goose Lake holds a cloud on her lap white and thick as a down comforter. Pity a Mallard lost on the water surrounded by Canadians — a tug boat bobbing blindly among freighters. In an hour the fog will vanish. Like a magic trick its mist will freeze on trees, flashing diamonds on every bony finger, but now Goose Lake is a mystery lady covering her secrets in a white wrap.

Yard lights on the far bank
wink like fireflies probing the fog
for safe passage.

My hackberry trees
raise leafless arms,
prisoners surrendering
to an invisible foe.

Somewhere a duck without a body.
quacks to itself a lone note
that stirs no interest.

Mornings like this,
Goose Lake avoids company.
Her pulse slows.
Little moves or mutters.

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