I’m in there somewhere

Hi everyone,

Now and then I hire someone to take my picture so I can look dignified when called upon. As most of you know, though, I tend to draw from more casual shots that suite my mood or message from time to time. Here’s a rogue’s gallery of pictures that pop up now and then. Cheryl, I know you don’t like the one with me in a jacket wearing glasses but I hope you like one or two others. If I can find it, I’ll post the picture that was taken more recently. It seems a little dark to me so I don’t use it often. 20160520_112206_resized20150926_104710david-publicity-photo20161112_155234_resized20161102_172828_resized1st-day-of-school-ajo-arizonaharrisonsimage1david-speaking-1-16-14unnamedimg_20161016_175148352_hdr20161008_125832_resizedimag1194img_0988imag4039_resizedJeff, David, Alaska, 2008David from 417 MagazinesmallDavidHarrisonPosterized20160717_082918_resizedLiving Museum 023David at David Harrison DayreceivingdoctorDrurysm220150906_173013_resizedFullSizeRender20150803_180852_resized20150714_190344Picnic at MontinoriDavid as bookends IMAG2753IMG954208_2_resized20141224_193255_resized20141224_185339_resized20140705_200104_resizedSpeakingSetting up for tromboneHear, See, Speak no EvilDavid giving brief remarksDHL and MJFDavid on rock 5David and SandyDavid with Nancy Raider students
Cheryl, I can’t find the picture I was going to show you. Sorry.


2 comments on “I’m in there somewhere

  1. WELL, that backlit one of you that Sandy took in NYC for your Chris. Plummer look-alike contest entry is mighty fine….

    • Thank you, dear Cheryl. And after all that money I’ve spent on professional photographers. Who knew this was another of her talents?

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