The Word of the Month word is . . .

Hi everyone,

Happy first day of the last month of a whizbang, humdinger year. Let’s go with SHOP for December’s word challenge. It can be used as a verb or noun, within the context of the season or for any other purpose your creative imaginations can conjure up. (Pssst, the picture is supposed to be subliminal.)
Congratulations to all who contributed November poems inspired by “soul,” including Jean Polland, Joyce Joslin Lorenson, Beverly Ann McCall, Jane Yolen, Karen Eastlund, Linda Boyden, Cheryl Harness, Mary Nida Smith, Donna Welch Earnhardt, Robin Williams, Cory Corrado, Bryn Strudwick, Jane Heitman Healy, Janet Kay Gallagher, and Linda Baie. If I’ve overlooked anyone, please let me know.

I would love to see all of this month’s poets back plus a good many more. If you’ve been holding off all year, you’re about out of year, baby!


15 comments on “The Word of the Month word is . . .

  1. This is all true!

    Shopping with Jane

    I do not find
    most shopping fun.
    I do not stop,.
    I hit and run.

    I have a list
    and I stick to it,
    only shop
    when I have to do it.

    Other women
    Make a day of it,
    Laugh and joke
    and make a play of it.

    Me, its shotgun,
    list and go.
    When I shop,
    I’m never slow.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Thank you, Jane! A great way to get us off and shopping. My mother came from a different persuasion. She loved to shop and could take all day doing it. This poem was written with her in mind.


      I sigh
      When Mama says . . .
      “Just one more store.”
      My legs hurt.
      My toes are sore.
      My feet are growing
      To the floor.
      “Just one more store.”
      She never stops
      To drink or go.
      How she does it
      I don’t know.
      “Just one more store.”
      She holds it up
      And puts it down
      In every store
      All over town.
      “Just one more store.”
      I’ve never been
      So bored before.
      How I hate
      This awful chore
      With Mama pulling
      Toward the door . . .
      “Just one more store.”

      from PARTNER POEMS
      (c) by David L. Harrison

  2. That’s my daughter and her daughter. When they HAVE to shop with me, they call me “Nana On A Mission.” The only place I will gratefully linger is an antique store.


  3. Grocery Shopping

    I hurried into the local Hy-Vee grocery store

    to purchase my weekly supplies

    of milk, and bread, and eggs.

    While busily shopping,

    I glanced up to see the look of disbelief

    that Brad, a fifteen-year-old teenager,

    gave to the tall, cowboy-type sauntering up aisle #5

    wearing a fringed, leather vest; blue bandana;

    worn, tan boots, and a wide-brimmed hat.

    And I looked again at Brad

    With his shaved head, gold hoop earring,

    baggy, black pants and dragon tattoo.

    “Did you SEE that guy?” Brad whispers loudly?

    I nod and keep my opinion to myself, wondering

    if Brad judges his look to be the best…

    C.C. Dow

    On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM, Children’s Author David L. Harrison’s Blog wrote:

    > davidlharrison posted: “Hi everyone, Happy first day of the last month of > a whizbang, humdinger year. Let’s go with SHOP for December’s word > challenge. It can be used as a verb or noun, within the context of the > season or for any other purpose your creative imaginations can c” >

    • Greetings, Connie, and welcome to my blog. And thank you for the good chuckle. I like your poem and hope to see more of them. Be sure to check in the box above marked Adult “W.O.M.” Poems to follow poems posted by others. Nothing there so far this morning but over the month there will be many.

  4. Great poems already! I might have to jump in this month! Although, like Jane, I really get bored with shopping – unless it’s a good antique store. Wait! I’m not subbing today! Maybe I’ll head to Antique Row in town!! Ha!

  5. I’m home sick today. Hence my first W.O.M. poem. I hope it doesn’t take another sick day to do it again next year.


    I don’t like shopping
    All day long.
    My feet get tired fast.
    The stacks of stuff
    Are just too much.
    I’ve tried, but I don’t last.

    So when it’s ’tis
    The shopping season,
    I find my own way
    To make some presents,
    Buy on-line,
    Shop briefly just one day.

    But browse in a bookstore
    All day long,
    That’s what I love to do,
    Tasting phrases,
    Sampling bits,
    Digesting something new.

    But then
    I might as well just go
    To the local library
    Where I can browse
    Find a good book
    And take it home for free.

    (… not to discourage book buying though.)

    • Thank you, Susan. Books are always hard to beat! If you would like to post your poem under “Adult W.O.M. Poems,” visitors to my blog will have a better chance of seeing them throughout the month.

  6. It’s Always Something…

    I had the day off yesterday
    And planned to head to town.
    Had an errand list a mile long
    before the snow came down!

    It started well…my list was made…
    the sky was blue and bright!
    The day was oh so perfect…
    ’til that pesky engine light!

    It flashed and blinked upon my dash
    I thought my head would pop!
    And now my poor green Liberty
    Sits waiting in the shop!

    • Way to go, Susan! Saving the word till the last word in the poem was well done. Thank you for joining this month’s fun.

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