Meet my sister Jule

Hi everyone,

First time I met Jule she was a baby and I was fifteen. When I held her, I was completely charmed. When she went to sleep in my arms, the deal was sealed. I knew for sure and certain that she was my sister.

Today Jule Egleston is a mother and grandmother, and my sister. She is business manager for the Monett Times in Monett, Missouri. I’m proud of her in the way that big brothers are allowed to be. She’s also fighting pancreatic cancer. This week she spent six hours taking her second of six 6-hour sessions of chemotherapy. The first one made her sick. We’re hoping she gets along better this time.

My sister is a brave soul. I believe she will whip this thing. But even brave souls can use a little support. If you pray, I ask you to pray for her. If not, then please keep her in your thoughts. Either way, I thank you.


31 comments on “Meet my sister Jule

    • Thank you, Sandy. It’s a difficult kind of cancer and it will take all her strength and willpower to help the chemo do its work. We all have a lot of faith in Jule.

  1. I’m so sorry that this is happening to your sister, David. Prayers and best wishes to her and to you, too. The love we have for our siblings is like no other.

  2. Hugs and prayers for your sister, and to all who love her! Please keep us updated. Would getting lots of cards in the mail maybe make her smile? I’d sure be willing to do this!

  3. David, I know the preciousness of a baby sister born when you’re a teen. My heart goes out to you. I’ll hold Jule and her family and yours in the Light as well.

    • Susan, thank you very much. The whole family appreciates these warm wishes and I know Jule has read them all and loved them.

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