The ubiquitous raccoon

Hi everyone,

Last night when I was in the kitchen preparing the coffee pot for this morning, the security light snapped on outside the window. I hurried into the breakfast room for a better look and soon spotted a raccoon on the upper patio deck. Only the window glass and five feet separated us.

I didn’t have my phone on me and there was no time to go after it. I looked at the raccoon for a few seconds. It saw me and stood up on its hind legs to study me. There was no sign of alarm, only curiosity. Taking its time, it returned to all-fours, turned its back on me, and ambled down the steps into the yard. Within seconds it disappeared into the darkness beyond the light to continue its nightly rounds.

My coffee chore finished, my day over, I went to bed and left the night to the raccoon. The changing of the shifts at Goose Lake had been completed satisfactorily.


6 comments on “The ubiquitous raccoon

  1. In the Hours Before Midnight

    Dogs retire,
    cats’ eyes shine,
    people turn down
    the thermostat,
    thickets stir,
    tree dens rustle.

    Squirrels curl
    into their tails,
    opossums creep
    down tree sides,
    hawks rest,
    owls listen,
    raccoons wander.

    In the hours
    before midnight,
    the day crew
    and night crew
    seldom pass.

    (c) David L. Harrison

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