Virtual holiday party this Friday. Be here!

Hi everyone,
Okay, mark your calendar right now for this Friday, December 16. That’s when I’m having my fourth virtual party at our house. We had the first in June, 2015, the second in December 2015, the third in June, 2016, and now this one.

One of the many advantages of my party is that you’ll see a lot of old friends and meet new ones as you mingle through the crowd. No one has to bring anything but those who do stick strictly to non-caloric dishes. Sandy loves it because we never run out of anything and there is no cleanup afterward. I love it because so many good folks drop by and keep returning throughout the day as their schedules permit. Guests like it because they often get a chance to ask a question of get some advice or mention an upcoming book or event. And did I mention that these parties tend to last more than one day?

So please come or I’ll be disappointed and so will many others. Also, I hope you’ll invite others to come with you or attend on their own. There’s no such thing as too many guests at my virtual parties. And what better way could there possibly be to celebrate the holiday season?

P.S. You don’t have to dress up. This just happens to be a picture of my M.O.W. that I adore.

4 comments on “Virtual holiday party this Friday. Be here!

  1. Thank you for the invite, but Harvey and I will be on our way to NYC on Friday to settle in before the reading of “Death Valley: A Love Story” on Saturday afternoon. I will try to stop by for a bit early in the day, if packing and planning go well. Sorry that I won’t be able to linger and enjoy all that wonderful company and calorie-free food. (P.S. LOVE the photo!)

    • Sandy, congratulations again on the upcoming reading in NYC. I’m sorry to miss it! I’ll hope that you get a chance to drop by sometime during the party. Glad you like the picture. It’s obviously an old one but I’ve always liked Sandy in that dress. XO

      • Thank you for the congrats, David. It’s a small reading, but the hope is that it’ll lead to the next step in the play’s development. The rehearsal was already helpful.
        Party on!

  2. Wow, Sandy Asher, congratulations & good luck + have FUN, you & Harvey on your big NYC adventure. We’ll enjoy talking about you at the PARTY – your ears will be so hot you guys can skip the ear muffs. And boy oh boy, you Harrisons sure married good looking people!

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