A December day around Goose Lake


Hi everyone,

Things have been busy around Goose Lake. Night before last I caught another raccoon in my live trap. 20161214_075050_resized Yesterday morning I loaded it in my car and drove it to James River. When I set the trap on the ground and opened the door, the raccoon shot out, raced down the bank into a pool of water, and dashed away into a wooded area.
The lake thawed just enough to attract a pair of swans. They swam close to each other, doing the kind of head bobbing that I generally associate with mating rituals. Maybe it was wishful thinking about this next spring.

Driving home in the afternoon I thought I saw something in a tree so I stopped (no cars behind me) and pointed in this direction. 20161214_141215_resized Can you see it? Blending into the limb it’s sitting on?

Does this help? 20161214_141224_resized It’s a Cooper’s Hawk, looking calmly across the meadow beyond my car, no doubt waiting for some small, unwary creature stirring in the grass. 20161214_141234_resized

During my party tomorrow, I hope you all get to see some of the neighborhood stars. You never know what to expect around here.

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