Goosing the neighborhood.

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all who came to my blog party. It was another nice opportunity to see old friends and become better acquainted with other guests.20161217_154110_resized This is a busy time of year so I know it was hard to find a few moments to drop by, and yet you did. I feel blessed to know so many talented people!
Meanwhile, as we chatted around the fireplace and shared good cheer, the denizens of Goose Lake were out paying our neighbors a call. You can see why I named the lake for them. Is this nice or what?


8 comments on “Goosing the neighborhood.

  1. I wrote about geese today too, David. In this cold they do stay on the ground, and huddle too. At least that’s what I’m seeing as I drive by the parks. Happy Sunday!

  2. Thanks for hosting such a great party, David! Let me know when you want help packing away the ornaments and tree. Take care, and stay warm!

    • Wasn’t that fun, Susan? I love it when so many friends come over to visit. And all the food and drinks were wonderful. Don’t worry about the tree. Sandy got up early and put it away. I saw her stashing the ornaments in a box for next year. Waste not, want not! Thanks for nudging me. I call it a success!

  3. Takes a pretty far out fella & a fine dame of a hostess w/ the mostest to throw such a swellegant party, that’s what I say, tra la!

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