Couplet Day

Hi everyone,

I declare today to be Couplet Day. Other than this notice, I intend to write in couplets all day and hope you’ll join me in couplets for your responses and contributions. Starting now.

Today is the day for your couplets to flow,
So wittingly merrily onward we go.

73 comments on “Couplet Day

    • Can’t answer this to my regret,
      Haven’t seen the movie yet.
      It’s sad to think we’d lose our song.
      Dearest Jane, let’s hope you’re wrong.

  1. I’m up and running, to school I go!
    Wish this wind would stop its blow!

    The windows are rattling, my sinuses ache,
    Don’t know how much more of this wind I can take!

  2. Then I sat down to put words on paper,
    I looked and wrote, challenged by this caper.

    At last the bowl of words I fished
    became a “Merry Christmas” wished.

    • Ending the eve with daughter of mine,
      She’s much too young to have some wine.

      Bought some gifts at many a store,
      she now is certain I’m quite a bore!

      Pillows beckon so sleep we shall
      Mother and daughter; such good pals

      The morrow will bring a longer day
      let’s spend time again at fun word play!

  3. I’m late! I’m late!
    For a rhyming couplet date.

    I’m also still not done shopping.
    I’m on the go – I’m non-stopping.

    I’ll not be late with everything here,
    So I’ll wish you NOW a Happy New Year!

  4. On the eve of the eve
    of the eve of Christmas Eve

    in the wee hours of morn
    baby Winter was born

    into the shortest day-longest night of the year–
    a memorable solstice premier

    ’twas on the 21st of December
    I clearly remember.

  5. When it comes to sharing words
    We cannot stop – we’re total nerds!

    Love this chance to meet new friends
    Hope our “nerdy” never ends!

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