Cooking up old memories

Hi everyone,
When Kent Brown published my first book of poetry — SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK — in 1993, he followed up by sending me a box of note cards with Betsy Lewin’s art on the cover as well as a cooking apron also decorated with her work.somebody-catch-my-homework

I sent the last of the cards long ago but after all these twenty-three years I remain the proud owner of the apron and wear it from time to time when I’m grilling.
Over the holidays our son Jeff Harrison was cooking and needed an apron to protect his sweater.betsy_lewin_2013 Out came the treasured apron and my camera. So here we have the second generation preserving good memories made possible by an old friend and one of the best publishers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

12 comments on “Cooking up old memories

    • Hi Linda,
      Those were exciting days for me. SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK went into its third printing in a matter of months. Made me feel like a poet!

  1. What a thoughtful gift! Kent is indeed a great man. I soooo remember when SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK was published. I used “MY BOOK” in classes – reminding my pre-service teachers about that magical moment! After hearing that poem they wrote a reflective piece about their own “first moment!”

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