The first Word of the Month for 2017

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! May this be a good year for you writing-wise and otherwise.

Here’s your first challenge for 2017. The word for January is RENEW.

I’m eager to see what you’ll do with it. Ready. Set. Poetize!



11 comments on “The first Word of the Month for 2017

  1. Renew the Word After Such An Election

    (And how.)

    the claim.

    The slate,
    the hate.

    the cheek
    And tweak.

    The Race
    Leave not
    A trace

    Of anger,

    © Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Merry Christmas to my family and friends who I hold in my heart.
    Hope all is well this wonderous time of year.
    My eyes glisten with tears as my mind remembers those missing who’s voices we recall so loud and clear.
    My hope, my wish, for my loved ones I hold so dear is for your happiness your health be considered a large part of your wealth. Remembering the reason for the season this time of year may it extend to all year round all thru our towns. Until we can all be together again I’ll hold you in my heart I’ll think of you when I smile. I love you all so much. hopefully I’ll see everyone in a short while. Till then our old aquaintance renew. Our new friends will bless us to,once again merry merry Christmas and happy happy new year to you.

  3. It’s Time

    Time to ditch the pout,
    Toss the trash, inside & out;
    Jump up & down,
    And go to town
    On what’s to do
    To renew
    This life’s old parade
    Of promises made,
    Dreams deferred,
    Debts incurred,
    It’s time, it seems,
    To refresh the dreams.

  4. What wonderful friends I have. Thanks Jane, Don, and Cheryl for getting us off and running bravely into the new year!

  5. I’m going to need lots of focus in the new year with regard to all the flotsam and getsom that will be flying our way . . .


    Ooo! I knew there’s something I’ve yet to do . . .
    New year, New list, ah a time to Renew!
    Here, there, where to begin,
    steadying this tailspin.
    Hocus-pocus, fall in, focus–breakthrough!

    © Michelle Kogan

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