How to make lemonade

Hi everyone,

Johnny Morris spent a lot of money creating a golf course on his Big Cedar property near Branson and is now hosting one of the nation’s premier tournaments each year. Last year a gigantic sinkhole opened up at one edge of the course and threatened to swallow a lot of that expensive effort.

Morris took a look at the damage and speculated that there must be a cave down there. Since then he has had a team at work removing the dirt and exploring for what they might find. When we were down there last week I took some pictures of the scene. How do you describe something like this?
In true Morris fashion, this sinkhole that nearly destroyed part of a golf course is likely going to hold a lot of lemonade before he’s done.

12 comments on “How to make lemonade

  1. When Is A Golf Course

    When is a golf course,
    green, leveled, and steady,
    more than an invitation
    to play?

    Raven/writing desk.
    We seek answers
    when there are no questions.
    Humans are prone to assumption.

    Nullius inverba,
    accept nothing
    on authority.
    Things always change.

    A sinkhole,
    can transform
    the landscape
    of any life.

    You died,
    the grass collapsed,
    a fool was elected,
    authority diminishes.

    And grammar
    my bed and bedrock,
    is overturned
    by casual students.

    Forget the sinkhole,
    study the cave beneath.
    It is the way.
    The only way.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Thank you, Jane. I especially identify with the last stanza. Always study what’s underneath. It is the only way. XO

  2. Thanks, dear David. Though oof– next to last stanza/third line should read: is overturned. (Am reading my new book of poems, last pass, and finding a lot of copy editing stuff. How do we let these things get by us????) xxxJane

    • Correction made. I thought that was what you meant but hesitated to change it without your permission. As for typos in general, they are the bane of my life and I often wonder how I could possibly have overlooked them. I blame spellcheck for creating some of them, and my poor brain for not ferreting them out. Sigh.

    • Hi Ruth,

      This was taken at Top of the Rock, just off of HY 86. There are three restaurants, a gift shop, a chapel, outdoor seating, a natural history museum, and an incredible view of the lake. There is also a par 3 golf course. We were standing on the walkway that connects the restaurants, looking down on the practice holes.

  3. Susan has never played much golf,
    the rules are hard and game’s not fun.
    but playing on this course, she’s sure,
    even she can make a hole in one!

    • Hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that, Susan. You think this is his ultimate goal? Establish a course with the world record for holes in one? Well said!

  4. Me too, Jane! I had to re-learn grammar after a two-month substitute job in very rural MO. Couldn’t connect with kids or teachers in proper English.

  5. I’ve probably posted this one before, from THE MOUSE WAS OUT AT RECESS, but when I recite it, sometimes kids “get it” and sometimes they don’t.

    Have It Your Own Way
    Poem for Two Voices

    Me and Sally are pals!
    Sally and I are pals.

    I didn’t know you knew her!

    I don’t.

    Then why did you say,
    “Me and Sally are pals?”

    Sally and I are pals.

    You said it again!
    You said,
    “Me and Sally are pals!”

    Sally and I are pals!

    Have it your own way.
    You and her are pals.
    But I don’t believe it,
    And Sally won’t neither!

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