Naming my wagon

Hi everyone,

For Christmas Jeff and Jennifer gave me a steel utility cart, just the thing to cut down on my trips each spring and winter carrying more than three dozen chair cushions, umbrellas, pots and planters, bird baths, concrete pottery, metal sculptures, etc. to and from the patio and garage. Here’s my new beauty.

Ruth Culham says I need a name for my wagon and I got a C- in Wagon Naming for Dummies when I was in school. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me make Ruth happy. After all, she’s a good friend and I don’t want to start 2017 hurting anyone’s feelings.

Thanks everyone!

20 comments on “Naming my wagon

  1. In case you don’t know (well David, YOU will know, but others might not) {Mother Courage” is a musical play by Bertold Brecht about a woman who drags a cart of provisions through a war zone for many years, along with her three children, selling and bartering stuff from the cart. It does not go well.

  2. Yes, and a good name it is, Jane. Or I could paraphrase it to Father Courage, considering it is I who must pull my cart through the desolation of the frozen patio looking for goods to fill my needs.

  3. I have a dolly I lovingly named “Blue” years ago. I can carry/move all kinds of things with Blue! (Yes – it is blue!) Maybe your cart would like to be “Green.” Or “Green Giant.” Ha!

  4. A few more suggestions, David:
    JJ or JeFER [to remember Jeff and Jennifer]
    Beaut- [your new beauty]
    TOFRO [tow-fro: tough sounding for to & fro)
    SPRINTER [spring and winter]

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