Maybe yes, maybe no, too early to tell

Hi everyone,
Got a good start yesterday on the book project I mentioned. I had to sit in the waiting room for a while at the car agency while they tried to identify the source of a rattle. I took a pad with me and started making notes while I waited. From there I went to see a doc and filled in several other ideas while I sat in the examining room waiting for him. By the time I got home I had a list of twenty-three subjects germane to the book.

Today I have a meeting from 10:00 to 11:00 but before and after I’ll spend most of the time drafting a poem or two from yesterday’s list to get a better sense for how this might work — or not. At this point it’s all strictly speculation, but one never knows without trying.

I wish everyone a good day, and may there be some writing in it.



12 comments on “Maybe yes, maybe no, too early to tell

    • Thank you, Jane. It’s an old habit. Years ago when I was on a gurney waiting for surgery, I heard my surgeon coming down the hall talking to a nurse saying, “Harrison will either be reading something or writing.” On that occasion I was reading.

  1. that old artist, Albrecht Durer said that ‘if a man devotes himself to art, much evil is avoided that might happen if he’s idle….

    • Aha! And that’s exactly why I avoid goo foffing most of the time. Good old Albrecht. At all times, be a durer!

  2. I love the comment from your doctor!! I hope it made you smile then, and now, as well! It’s a good challenge for us all – to do something useful at all times! (Unless it’s snowy and -24 outside. Then, all bets are off! Ha!)

    • Ouch! -24? And I was whining to myself coming home from a meeting thirty minutes ago. It’s a balmy 8 here. At -24 I’d be afraid my brain would chip trying for form the words.

  3. The temperature is rapidly rising this morning…it’s now up to 12 degrees! Danny is out on the tractor having fun moving snow – but I fear the wind is going to beat him. Drifting is a big issue in my neck of the woods.

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