How cold is it?

Hi everyone,
How cold is it? Susan Hutchens has challenged us to tell her. Rule #1: keep it clean, kiddies. 20170107_112538_resizedFor example, if you must talk about them, go somewhere like, “Our Christmas tree is setting so close to the window that its balls have turned blue.” 20170107_093941_resizedThat sort of thing. See what I mean? Or maybe “SNL’s Shweddy Balls have stopped Swedding.” Just keep it in good taste. That’s all I’m saying.


42 comments on “How cold is it?

  1. It’s so cold a witches coven said, “Don’t try to blame this one on our bosoms, we’re vacationing in the Virgin Islands.”

  2. LOL!! This is a GREAT way to start my very snowy, windy, blowy day here in Colorado! No kidding – it’s BAD here! It’s actually not snowing, but the wind is blowing as hard as a hurricane! (and I’ve lived through four hurricanes!) I’m sure there are highways closed because of the white-out that’s happening.

    I just went to check. Our home weather station says we’re averaging winds of 19 miles per hour, with gusts of up to 30 miles per hour. Eek! That’ll knock a corgi off the porch!

    On the bright side…the 3-foot drifts of snow on our back deck are now mostly gone, thanks to Mother Nature’s wrath! Ha!

    Here’s my thought on how cold it is here…

    It’s so cold at my house, there are ice cubes in my hot chocolate!

    Everyone stay safe and warm! And David – thanks for all the funnies! Could be a new book!

    • Which way is the wind blowing, Susan? Might save you some airfare. That wind does sound ferocious. Hope it tapers off soon!

  3. Changing the subject….How windy was it today? I’m now snowed in from drifting snow! (created by a neighbor who parked his truck in the middle of the road and created a huge snow drift 3-4 feet deep all around it!) Oh well – it could be worse…and at least the internet still works! Ha!

      • Waiting for the big plow to get here and clear the neighborhood road. It’s too much for our little John Deer. On a good note, the snow is melting a bit. Sad that I had to cancel a teaching job today because I couldn’t get out. Oh well – guess this is a good day to make some lemonade with my snow! Ha!

      • Yup, and you should have enough to serve the whole neighborhood, unless, of course, they’re making their own.

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