Hi everyone,
I hope this isn’t National Please Your Mate Day because I’m not off to a good start. I went to bed with my phone on vibrate on top of the divider wall between our bed and tub so each time it went off during the night I’m sure that Sandy heard it. That happened several times but of course I slept through them all. When the alarm went off at 6:00, the volume was on high. When I set the alarm in the dark last night my hand must have rubbed against the volume control. As I tiptoed out of the bedroom, I heard a weary voice behind me saying, “I might as well get up.” I could offer to take her coffee and the paper in bed at 7:00, but I already do that. I suppose she’ll think this is all MY fault. Happy National Please Your Mate Day, Dear. I fear a new term will be introduced to our vocabulary today to go with M.O.W. I expect her to refer to me as B.O.D. (Bad Old David). Sigh.


15 comments on “B.O.D.

  1. Must be “Bad Alarm Day.” I arise at 7 to write. While working, Don’s tablet started alarming at 8:30. I arose and attempted to silence it; but of course it resounded and went on for 15 minutes. He doesn’t wake up ’til noon. Yes I cooked eggs, bacon, and toast and set his plate on the counter.
    At night, I turn my phone on airport mode so there are no vibrations.
    Wishing you both well!

    • Wow! Jeanne, you did all you could but Don may get a B.O.D. award. At night I put my phone on silent and leave charging in the office. First time in years I forgot to do it last night. But Sandy is smiling anyway. What a lady!

  2. Alas for my poor bedmates, little dog, fat cat [me in the middle] They’re regularly treated to old Prairie Home Companion tapes or the recorded adventures of Bertie & Jeeves. Do tell Sandy that things could be worse!

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